RENDEQ, Inc. Delivers Air Cooled Condensers to Anco-Eaglin

Sept 15, sildenafil cure 2012 Burlington, N.C
Mark DeWeese of RENDEQ, Inc. announced today that the company has delivered two new air cooled condensers to Anco-Eaglin of Greensboro, North Carolina this week. The condensers will be used in a protein rendering plant located outside of the US. The condensers will aid in higher efficiency, lower operating cost and an overall better product quality for the plant. RENDEQ has completed several projects for Anco-Eagliln in the past and looks forward to working on future projects as well. About RENDEQ, Inc. RENDEQ, Inc. is a manufacturer and installer of industrial processing equipment for the protein rendering industry. Our equipment is also used by the pharmaceutical, feed, mill-work, agriculture, vegetable and pet food industries.

Press Contact:
Katie Ellis, 336-226-1100,